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Part of The Plot

This is to get the basic idea behind the story

The witch Mother Malkin is imprisoned in a chamber far under ground encircled by silver by Master Gregory, the last of a knightly order known as the Spooks who have long defended humanity against supernatural threats. After many years have passed, the beginning of a centennial event known as the Blood Moon increases Malkin's power, allowing her to transform into a dragon and break free from her chamber. Gregory's apprentice Billy Bradley finds the Spook at a tavern, telling him the bells have rung for his help. After beating an armed man with a cup without spilling a drop of his drink he initially refuses to leave, Gregory answers the call and follows Billy to a small girl that appears to be possessed. Gregory realizes that she is possessed by Malkin, and exorcises the witch from the girl. Malkin tries to control Billy with her magic, but he resists with the aid of Gregory. The two attempt to trap Malkin in a cage but Billy is caught up in the trap with her that is then lit with flames which she escapes and Billy dies.

Tom Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son, has premonitions of Gregory and an unknown girl, and realizes that he's going to leave home soon. When Gregory arrives at his home, he offers Tom's parents a great deal of money if they allow him to take Tom as his new apprentice. the father agrees but his mother is somewhat reluctant. before he leaves Tom leaves mam gives Tom her necklace, which holds a strange stone.

In the town along the way to go to his training Tom sees the women from his premonitions. she has been suspected of being a witch and is about to taken in, Tom now being an apprentice of a certified witch hunter used he's rank to get them to free the girl so he could take care of her, he then takes her away releases her restraints and just when he expected a reward she disappears.

Malkin returns to her layer which is in a terrible and decayed state. her sister who is waiting for her to return rushes to her side hiding her face, Malkin then ask to see her sisters' face as it has been far to long only to find its been terribly disfigured by Gregory, using her magic she revives the dead cells and puts life back into her sisters' face making her look beautiful again. She then turns around walks inside of her lair and uses her magic to repair the lair and put it back to its former glory, this is when Alice shows up to see her mother who surprisingly isn't in pain or looking like she did before, her mother who's happy that the family is together brings Alice to the attention of her older sister which immediately rubs Alice the wrong way she senses malice and is scared.

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I can admire the vibe to the motion picture it was somewhat like cell winged serpents on the off chance that it where a film which was better than average in that sense however the action scenes where mellow the main 1 that truly emerged for me was that amazing bear scene i adore the way that scene was played out it looked like something you needed to be apart of of which is the way i need to feel in my film's i need to sit and think hey suppose it is possible that i did that and i did this current its to make the creative ability endeavor yet in the film most of the time i felt thought it was just another movie.

Give this Movie a try even if just once i think you should watch it it wasn't bad but its something you have to do once i give this Movie 6TJMR out of 10 (Teejay's Movie Rating)


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