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Elizabeth Hetzler was 19 years old when she disappeared from her bedroom at the University of Pennsylvania (Edinboro) on the night of February 12, 2007.

Her room was located on the third floor, the door was locked and there was no ledge outside her window. Her roommate woke up in the morning, after not hearing anything unusual during the night and simply assumed that Elizabeth had gone to class early. Her roommate later told investigators that when she realized the handprint, she screamed and immediately realized that "everything that Elizabeth had been speaking about was true. It was real."

The night before, Elizabeth had told her friends that she had a strange experience walking back to her bedroom from a dance rehearsal overnight. While walking across campus, gradually felt the uncomfortable feeling that someone was watching her and following her. Her roommate said, "She looked so relieved to be back in her room,".

There have been No trace of Elizabeth till this day , and researchers have mentioned that this has been the most puzzling case they ever had to deal with in their entire careers. Since the image has been circulating on the internet for almost two years, it is difficult to say with certainty whether it is genuine.

Broze detective said , "You would think that the suspect would be fairly easy to find. You must stand out from the crowd with fingers 30 inches in length."

I hope you found this As disturbing as I Did.

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