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today was the day of the premiere of Marvels daredevil on netflix. From the trailers it seemed marvel has tried to take things in a different direction. They are trying to make their image a little harder. Let me just start but saying, they have done a great job. From episode 1 I was hooked. They took the failed Ben Aflak version and pumped it full of bad ass.

let's just say Matt Murdock Is the new vigilante with an agenda. They couldn't have picked a better person for the part. I loved Charlie Cox on boardwalk empire and I was glad to see that he would be playing the blind man who can see everything. The way he acts as a blind man is perfect. His eye movement, down to the way he reaches for things even though he knows where it's at. Honestly I couldn't think of better person to play the part.

In episode 1 it shows the bad guys all waiting around for the head bad guy, as they are waiting they are talking about all the bad things that have happened to the city and everything they are saying pertains to the attacks on the city from the avengers fallout. From episode to episode they make little remarks about iron man, and the other avengers. Does this mean that daredevil is an intricate part in the MCU? Why out of all the heroes, does he need a show to tell his story?

For those who don't know...... daredevil has some pretty awesome friends. 2 that are high on the list are spiderman and the black panther. Pretty much the black panther comes to the good old USA to prove he is as brave as daredevil. When you have someone as bad ass as the black panther wanting to be like you...... your doing something right. On more than one occasion, spiderman would team up with the devil to save their fair city. Daredevil might just be the missing link to the upcoming civil war movie. Could he be the key to bringing spidey and the panther into the MCU?

To think a blind man from hells kitchen would have such an effect on the entire MCU. In the years to come we will find out what the daredevil has to offer to the MCU, and I'm excited to see the aftermath of marvels next step into hardening their image. Good job marvel, now let's bring the new image into the movies to come.


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