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For Paul

Furious 7 follows the death of his brother at the hands of Dominic Toretto and his eclectic crew, the cold, calculated Ian Shaw vows vengeance - and no one is safe from his reach.

I think we all know what to expect from the Fast and the Furious films by now. Yeah they stupid and the law of physics dose not exist in these movies, but the movies are so enjoyable when it comes to it's action and it's extremely cheesy one liners that all the law of physics stuff will fly pass your head just like that. Now here is the 7th movie in the franchises would you believe it well I wouldn't and who better to director it than the man who usual dose horror films James Wan, and him taking the directing chair was a nice move to do.

Now the one thing I was a bit worried about is how Jame Wan was going to handle the action in the movie but then I remembered he did Death Sentence and got a little interested. After seeing the movie I can say it pulled off perfectly as the action scenes looked net and well put together when it came to the big action scenes.

The cast and crew all return and some of them are not the greatest actors on the plant like Dwayne Johnson and many more, but just like Arnold Schwarzenegger you know they not the greatest but you like seeing them on the big screen because they always seem to be so likable that your happy to see them anywhere.

Jason Statham as the villain is basically Jason Statham acting all tough and mean for the movie.

Now early I brought up that the laws of physics dose exist in this movie, well for this movie this is the perfect time to bring up turning your brain off and enjoy what's on screen and I know it's hard for so people to do that (Like myself) but if you want to get through this movie without questing everything with characters getting into car crashes and walking out of it fine without a mark on them, just saying.

Now during filming of this movie the late great Paul Walker sadly passed way due to a car crash. Now Paul isn't my top pick for best actors but I really do respect the guy and I heard nothing but great things about him of how nice he is and always seem like his in a good mood. It must have been really hard for the cast to continue after his death with all of them know him so well. Vin Diesel spoke out of how hard it was for him and for him to break down in front of everybody in a movie premiere about his best friend or brother he likes to call it that is no longer with us, Imagine that for a moment and let that sink in.

The movie dose do a tribute at the end and I won't lie it almost brought a tear in my eye because it was just perfect and so moving that it was a good send off to Paul Walker. So from me to you Paul farewell.

For problems with the movie are very basically to be honest with the dialogue and some of the quick shot editing that everybody can spot straight away from problems, but at the end of the day this is like a 90's action movie with the cheese and goofiness with a little salt of heart to it.


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