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Terence Fletcher: "There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job".

Whiplash follows are main character Andrew Neyman who is a young jazz drummer, single-minded in his pursuit to rise to the top of his elite east coast music conservatory. Plagued by the failed writing career of his father, Andrew hungers day and night to become one of the greats. Terence Fletcher, an instructor equally known for his teaching talents as for his terrifying methods, leads the top jazz ensemble in the school. Fletcher discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer into his band, forever changing the young man's life.

Okay let me just start off with this. You had no idea how much I was really looking forward to Whiplash. This was on my movies to check out list, because I heard nothing but positive things from this movie and I heard a lot of people described this film has the Full Metal Jacket but with no war or guns, but with music and well... drums. I think Whiplash and Birdman was the two movies I wanted to see before making my best movies of the year list, because who knows they might make the list. I haven't seen Birdman yet but will do soon, but I finally had the chance to see Whiplash and my god this movie was just so spectacularly flawless in many ways. Whiplash is the best move of 2014.

J.K. Simmons in this movie probably pulls of the best performance in he's career. Every word that came out of his mouth didn't feel like he was reading from the script then act it out, no, I felt every angry punch of words that came out of him, because it was real and not fake. I didn't see J.K. Simmons just playing a movie character in this movie, no he was the freaking Fletcher.

Now let's talk about Terence Fletcher: The best way to describe Fletcher to those who haven't seen the film yet, well his like Gny. Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. He has the best lines, when his on screen your locked on and his also like the kind of person that would be somebody's worse nightmare to have for a boss. This guy doesn't just like music, he breaths music and he wants his band to do perfect. His opinion and his look on music is another thing why I didn't flat out just hated him, I actually understood him. He made a very good point about how people will comment on you act and say "You did a good job", and yes I did use the words "you did a great job", n my past reviews but now I'm never going to use it ever again after this movie.

Miles Teller was another stand out performances in this movie, and just like Foxcatacher where Channing Tatum was so over looked by his performance, Miles Teller has proved himself to be more then a teen in a movie that will be forgotten and so would he, but no Miles Teller played this character so brilliantly he could become the next big thing. Now his character in this movie has the love of the true art of music and you can see that he will wants to tell people his love for music, but when the harsh life of reality comes crashing into him it's truly heartbreaking to see his struggle and effort just not being good enough, and Teller played this character so realistic and so brilliantly flawless.

The directing and the writing in this was just....perfect. Damien Chazelle directed this movie and written it and man did he do it with style and passion to tell a story about two strong music buffs battling out and he freaking nailed it.

This movie also had probably the best finale that I've seen in years. My nails were digging into the seat. I didn't dare to look away not for one moment, not for one second. I was simply locked on and when it was over... I'm kidding you I actually clapped towards the end of this movie. Now the biggest cliche that I always hear from critics when their talk about a different movies and their use words like "You will clap at the end", but you don't, or "You will feel inspired after the film", and I you don't. But Whiplash actually did make me feel inspirited towards the end and made me clap. It's message of not giving up and the dream that you been chancing for isn't just going to come to you. Movies like Pride, freedom Writers and all that such never ever give me that inspiring feeling inside of me, until I watched this movie.

For problems: The movie had it slow parts and that's it really.

Whiplash is a movie that everybody should see. This isn't just a popcorn movie where you come and put you legs up and laugh a couple of times, no this movie reaches out to people out there that have the same problems that these character's have, with their passion of what their what to do in life get's over shadowed by something you don't want to do and this movie get's it right. So go and see if you have the chance.


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