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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

Fifty Shades of Grey more like Fifty Shades of Abuse.

The story is about a literature student, interviews the wealthy, intimidating Christian Grey and instantly develops an attraction to the enigmatic man. Grey is likewise drawn to Ana - but will only agree to a relationship on his own terms. Both will discover a place where want and desire intersect.

Fifty Shades of Grey was a movie that I had zone interested in, because I was in that bad mood where if I see a best selling novel being made into a movie which is a cliche now, and now there did it with Fifty Shades of Grey which by the way the book sucked ass, yeah I red the book and I had no idea why it was a best seller it's basically porn on paper. What's more annoying is in the UK there are people on the Radio and everyone I met who was looking forward to this movie and my Question is why. The people on the Radio keep making top stories about it making it the hot headline and I'm here thinking "That's really new worthy. There's loads of usual but amazing things happening around the world and this peace of shit makes the headline. My hope for humility is slowly fading away". And that's not all, I'm not kidding you here but there actually made a headline of it's reviews it's getting and this never happened before when it comes to movies. So after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey I can say it's not as bad as people say, it's actually a lot worse then I thought.

Now let me give you the positive things in this movie: Dakota Johnson was the only good actress in this movie, she did what she can do with a god awful script that she had and shes the only one in this movie that gives it her all. The movie is shot really good as well, it fitted the movie very well, but beside's that all those good things can't hind the fact that this is a abomination against humanity, it brings shame to cinema and it should be burn in hell.

Now let's talk about Mr. Grey The Psychopath, now I got to ask you this what do women see in this guy, I mean his not charming at all, his cold, he's kind of a ass-hole and what he want's to do is hurt you with sex, and the actor himself isn't really that good at all. And she doesn't enjoy it she only does it to make him feel good so in the sex scenes she's not enjoying it, she's getting hurt by this guy and after a while she get's crossed with him and then she runs off then start's to have thoughts about him and how she needs a man in her life so she goes back.

The writing in this movie I don't know if it's for comic relief or to be taken seriously, because the writing in this movie was absolutely atrocious and it's the most cheesiest dialogue ever put to film, it's Twilight dialogue bad.

Now is this worse than Twilight and I can't believe I'm saying this but yes it is. I found a movie that's more awful and more laughable than Twilight. I hated this movie, I hated it, I HATED IT, I HATED IT. This is the worst movie of 2015, I can't wait to forget this film. You better off seeing Kingsman: The Secret Service, I haven't see it myself yet but at least that movie looks well made and effort went into it.


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