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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

The fact that this movie came out in the very beginning of January and now I'm reviewing it, well I tried to escape from January but it followed me.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death takes place 40 years after the initial haunting of the Eel Marsh House - when WWII threatens, a group of children finds themselves evacuated from London and placed in the house where it doesn't take long for the sinister presence to awaken once more.

To the people who don't know, I actually liked the first movie..a lot. The fact that the first film had jump scares in it, it still had some creepy and chilling scenes and I remember those more than the jump scares because it was more effective. Now we got the squeal and what a surprise it's got more jump scars and no more of that creepy atmosphere that made the first film watchable, wow horror directors these days have forgotten how to direct horror films.

Now let's start of with positive things in this movie and yes these actually some good things in the movie, would you believe that: The movie is shot really good as well and the acting in the movie isn't all that bad as I thought. Phoebe Fox did a good performance in this movie, she actually tried in this movie not like some actors or actress out there in these type of horror films that don't give a damn about they movie or they role.

Now for the bad..get ready: I am just sick and tried of jump scares, I mean they not scary it's just a loud nose that makes us jump because we didn't except it and that's not scary at all. Most of the time it's false jump scares them the freaking kids and after a while the jump scares deflate any attention to the film. F**k Jump Scares.

The lighting in the movie was hard to see at times, it was like Alien Vs. Predator Requiem were through out the film I couldn't see shit and the Women in Black 2 is the same.

Overall Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death has some positive things in it with the acting and some of the shots, but the rest completely sucked. There was no need for a squeal, it's just a cash grab squeal that will be forgotten and for good reasons.


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