ByMatthew Luke Brady, writer at
Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

This is a joke right?, we just had a good horror movie called The Babadook, and now we got this mind finger of a movie.

The story is about a group of friends must face their deepest fears when one of them discovers an Ouija board in their house and uses it to awaken a dark power.

I really don't want to talk about this movie. What's the point, I can just sum it up right now. "Ouija is a movie that doesn't try anything new and it is the worse horror film of this year and it's even worse than that other crappy horror movie called Annabelle". But since I am a reviewer of movies, TV shows and games. It looks like I have to talk about it.

The good things in this movie: Nothing good at all.

Now for the bad things in this movie: Is this movie scary? no it is not, because this movie has nothing new and nothing to stand out, it just ends up being a water down horror film that doesn't take any risk. The acting in this movie was so bland and so dreadful, I see nursery kids act better then the people in this movie. The character's in this movie are so stupid and really uninteresting, and in every bad horror film there just to get killed off or fill out the screen time with their awful acting. The script, the directing and the way the movie is shot is so poorly done that I could have directed this movie better and more interesting.

Overall Ouija is a water down horror film that only tries to scare you but the movie has I said before has nothing to live up to and that's way it fails hard.


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