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If you seen the original Disney Cinderella or you already know the story pretty much you already seen the 2015 version because this one doesn't do anything different.

The story to Cinderella is about Ella's mother who dies but Ella's father remarries and, in order to please him, she does everything to open herself up to the new family. But when her father dies suddenly, her step-mother and sisters waste no time in turning her into their personal servant, rechristening her "Cinderella", as she is always covered in ashes after cleaning. Even with the cruel treatment, she lives by her mothers words to have courage and treat everyone kindly. A chance encounter in the forest will turn her life around - even the meddling of her wicked step-mother cannot stop her destiny.

Cinderella is a story that's been re-done over and over again, maybe it's because the story is so good that it's timeless and nobody will never get sick of it, or maybe it's just Disney wanting money and this is they way of getting it. I think I was like everyone else where I first heard about another Cinderella movie then the first teaser trailer came out and I wasn't hooked at all. Until I came across the critics reviews of the movie giving such high and positive ratings that give me a second thought and I give in a watched it anywhere and it turned out...okay but nothing great as people are putting out to be.

Lily James did a great job playing Cinderella and who ever cast her as Cinderella did a top notch casting. People may have not seen her from anywhere but some may remember her from the boring TV show Downtown Abbey, but I first sawed her from the 2012 movie Fast Girls and I know nobody has not heard of that film which is fine because the movie is pretty forgettable. But anywhere she did good in the movie and I can a bright future ahead for her.

Cate Blanchett as the villain worked in a couple scenes where shes not over the top at times with the cliche laugh that a villain should do, but it's not a cool or a funny laugh it's just a cartoon laugh that took me out of the movie, but let's put that a side and talk about the rest of her performance. Cate Blanchett played the evil stepmother so well that I actually hated her more than the original. She give so much into her character to be the biggest b*tch on the planet and I got to give her a big well done for playing a cold women.

The production Design and the custom designs are the icing on the cake in this movie, because it looks amazing and beautiful and I know it's early to say but when the 2016 Oscars come around again it should get a nomination for those two because it totally deserves it.

Now for problems: Have you every got that feeling when you see a movie that you liked it but your never ever seeing it again well that's this movie. I will never watch this movie again, because it has nothing to re-visit.

The movie doesn't really do anything new or original, no it's the same story and that's why I feel this movie doesn't need to exist and it's kind of pointless and unneeded.

Cinderella 2015 version is overall a mediocre okay movie.


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