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Disney has managed to reach every corner of the globe with it's magic and it's fairy tales. Humanity loves to see a happy ending when the world isn't so kind. But have you never thought a little deeper about the stories Disney uses? Their is nearly always a deeper meaning behind the animated glamour and glitz, let's take a little look at a few!


What's your favorite Disney truth movie?

Beauty and The Beast:

He's got them eyes on her....
He's got them eyes on her....

So everyone knows the tale of how the beast has to make someone fall in love with him for who he is inside before the last petal falls of his magical voodoo flower so the curse can be lifted from his castle right? Well this is true, that is what the story is about. But it's also about humanities acceptance for different people. Be they hairy and toothy like the beast or just a different race. It's about loving someone for who they are on the inside not what they look like. Accepting someone just because they look a little different. It's also a warning to those who let their anger and their selfishness take them over, you will always be alone. Also be careful of roses, they may look pretty but they could be your downfall. Haha.

The Fox and the Hound

Aren't they so cuuuuute!
Aren't they so cuuuuute!

Now here is a story about Copper the little blood hound who make's pretty good friends with Todd, a little orphaned foxy, but the two are soon forced to become enemies as Copper is made to hunt the mischievous Todd. Okay so most will think this is a little story about friendship which it is! But their is so much more to it! For those who don't know, bloodhounds are used by hunters to hunt... duh duh duh dahh.....foxes (and other animals sometimes). They are supposed to be 'natural' enemies right? WRONG. This story shows us that no one is BORN a natural enemy, no one is born to hate someone else. Society and beliefs morph us into being those enemies, if we can just hold on to our natural love of all, we can conquer others hatred and live happily.

The Little Mermaid (My personal favourite)

Look at dem bubbles, dem bubbles are soo cute!
Look at dem bubbles, dem bubbles are soo cute!

Of course most know that Disney's version is nothing like the original story but were going with the Disney version for now. It's all about this little mermaid that wonders what life is like outside of the ocean, she see's a guy (theirs always a cute guy involved) and want's to be with him so does a deal with the sea witch to get legs, little does she know she's being scammed and the witch is after the power of the ocean in Ariel's father's trident...

This story is all about people wanting more. 'The grass is always greener somewhere else' so to speak. In some respects you could almost say Ariel hated herself, so much so she would give up everything to be something she wasn't, which is sad because we all love Ariel the way she is right?! But people do this on a daily basis, they go to extreme lengths to be something their not when we all loved them in the first place.

We also find a little bit of religion poked in here too, to be honest it's hard not to find in nearly every single story known to man, their is nearly always a battle between good and evil (God and the Devil). Ariel pretty much does a deal with the devil because what she thinks she can give her is extremely tempting. I mean heck the devil wouldn't entice you if it didn't look good. But then ofcourse we have the triumph of good (King Triton) so all ends well. Ever hear the saying 'Be careful what you wish for' Yeah...

Not to mention Ariel is a teenager who feels trapped by her world, something most teen's feel at some stage for one reason or another, The Little Mermaid is about freeing yourself, being who you want to be! Yeah you go Ariel!


I want her hair. But that's irrelevant.
I want her hair. But that's irrelevant.

Pocahontas...well...if this isn't a story about humanity destroying nature and peoples free will I don't know what is. This story is all about the lovely Pocahontas, the daughter of a Powhatan chief who tries to stop the invasion of American gold diggers, also their is a hot guy. Pocahontas and her tribe are completely in touch with nature, something she tries to defend from the invaders who are greedy and would ruin the natural habitat in search of something they deem more valuable. Pfft yeah right. The earth is what we live in people, maybe if we respected it a bit more, bad things wouldn't happen to us so much? We could kinda say that Disney goes all eco warrior on us in this one, but it's a good thing, children need to learn that the earth is sacred and we need to respect it and defend it from those who try to destroy it. This message comes through many Disney movies, the jungle book included but I can't use every movie :(

The Lady and The Tramp


Now this story may not be so world changing but certainly carries an important domestic issue. Tramp loves living the free life of the junkyard, he's the king of his domain, but he loves Lady more, and is willing to sacrifice that life for her. If people had more of this attitude, and sacrifice there own selfish desires for the people they love, the world might be a happier place.

Okay so their are loads of Disney movies that deserve to be on this list, nearly every single one has an important hidden message, so make sure you watch out for them as they are tiny pieces of gold dust and could change your life.

Please leave comments of the little underlying messages you've noted in Disney movies :)




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