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The other day I went to see Cinderella with a group of my friends, after sitting through the average length film I felt as if it could have kept going the ending in my opinion could have been better. But overall I loved the move for what it was a nice retell of the classic story.

Lily James- played Cinderella. I felt she fit into this role perfectly you could truly see her as the face of the story. Unfortunately the fact that the mice and animals were kept in the story but not being able to speak just made Cinderella look crazy. It was like she belonged in a asylum.

Prince/kit- I don't know the actors name even after the whole ad campaign. I thought he got into his role well. However he didn't scream prince to me he looked more like the handsome servent friend to Cinderella. I guess what I am saying is I didn't feel the love tonight.

Step mother- Cate blanchet played the step mother and she fit this role like nobody else could. The fashion that the step mother wore was amazing and added so much to the character. Nobody could replace her in this role

Fairy godmother - Helena bondham Carter was amazing the major draw back was the fact she was in the film for 10 minutes tops. And I think the director noticed this and thought let's have her narrate aswell. The main thing for the godmother was she should have been in more . Without a doubt the comic relief

Over all I give this movie 8 stars it was a lovely story and It could lead nicely to a princess team up movie.


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