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I recently got the chance to do an interview with the Joker (Lucky Mangione) and now I get to interview Commissioner Gordon (JC Kingsley) from Asylum: The Lost Interrogations.These guys created one of the coolest concepts for a web series. Pitting the Joker against some of the most insane characters in TV and movies. They have everything you want in a web series. Now lets get into our interview with Commissioner Gordon and find out a little more about Asylum: The Lost Interrogations.

What is Asylum about?

Sun & Moon Studios NC and LuckyKings Web Productions cranked up this show to do two things mainly. First and foremost, to assemble a crew of people who worked well together and shared a passion for seeing Film staying alive in North Carolina. Second, we wanted our first part of the journey to be fun since we already knew it would be challenging. Lucky Mangione and I share a lifelong love of comics spanning over 30 years, and we wanted to take a crack at the Joker and throw him into various situations that we've never seen in the comics. That's really what the basis of the show is tackling. We wanted to throw the clown prince of crazy in the ring with everyone from Oprah to Chewbacca with no regards to the standard boundaries set by a comic book label or movie studio.

Who was your favorite guest spot so far?

I'd have to say my favorite guest spot was Snake Eyes, but I'm biased towards ninja characters as a Ninjutsu instructor in Charlotte, NC. He also doesn't speak so the whole episode was like a game of charades gone wrong. The role was played by my brother-in-law and cosplay enthusiast, Kaden Suon. He also plays Tao Jun in our Prologue Episode and Deathstroke in Episode One. He's been a big help and always enjoys coming in to help us when we need it. (Thanks, Kaden!) Oprah runs a close second as I think it may be the best comedy effort so far with a great performance from local actress, England Simpson, who put up with filming in that frigid jailhouse in early February. So, definitely check that one out, too.

How does it feel to take on the role of Jim Gordon?

Well, I grew up watching spaghetti westerns and listening to old Sam Spade style radio shows, so I'd always wanted to bring Jim back to the old, no-nonsense lawman that I saw in those old flicks. I'm also originally from Mississippi, so when I read the comics as a kid the voices were mostly Western/Southern accents in my head. I relate to Jim Gordon's character motives a good bit in my own life and have a good time playing a character like that. I also enjoy the overall noir setting that Gotham uses and the comics use in large degree when showing scenes with Gordon in them. Overall, the role is a great one, and I just hope the fans enjoy the departure from what might have been considered the norm. Tough guy lawman Gordon always just sounded that way in my head.

Will there be a season 2?

We have the plot laid out for another six episodes and are hammering away at the scripts for it currently. After this season wraps today (Thursday the 2nd of April), we'll be taking a break to concentrate on getting our first original project off the ground which is a multimedia event that is guaranteed to blow folks away. Asylum will pick up again in Fall with all new episodes and adventures for the Joker. The other series we're starting will be called Ravenwatch and centers on Charlotte as the location for the show. We'll be looking for voice over talent and actors while shopping around for investors for that one, so contact us on Facebook at Sun & Moon Studios NC if interested in any of that!

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