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1. It can be REALLY confusing.

Having a mental illness is pretty confusing, most health professionals don't really understand it. People that have it themselves often don't really get it either. Your emotions can be completely out of wack, so don't make it harder on the person, we can't help what we feel.

2. Little things can really help.

You want to help someone out with a mental illness, sometimes just doing normal everyday stuff is all it takes.

3. It's really hard to feel accepted by people, so when we do, don't be surprised if we hold on tight.

It can take a lot for us to make friends because we often feel out of place or like we don't fit in, social stigma and horror movies hasn't helped this. Sometimes we think the worst of ourselves so why would we think anyone else would think differently.

4. Sometimes our biggest issue is our own self-hatred.

Sometimes we hate ourselves for being 'crazy' so much that it get's in the way of being "normal." Although their are actually loads of plus sides to having a mental illness like extreme creativity and feeling the good things so deeply they stay with us forever, a lot of people with mental illness hate having it and wish for changes to be made, so again don't feed this self-hatred, we are amazing people and should think ourselves as such.

5. Sometimes your love and help can be suffocating.

However much we love our friends and family (and believe me, we really do), sometimes we try and hide our feelings for fear of upsetting you and making the problem much worse than it is. As people that generally have lots of emotions, maybe more so than those without mental illnesses (just theoretically), we need emotional space, to let ourselves feel them properly and work through them, without that, we can feel suffocated. Instead of coming to you guys, we may find other ways to release the emotions, often in destructive ways.

6. Things that are pretty easy to you, like school, can be extremely tough for us.

Even getting out of bed can be like walking up Mount Everest, don't judge us because something that might seem like a small problem to you is a massive one to us. We're trying our best.

7. It can be hard for us to express what we really think and feel to others and sometimes it comes out wrong.

Sometimes we try to tell other people things that we think or feel and it comes out the completely wrong way and we don't know how to explain it properly, you just gotta give us a minute to put it right and try again, we may not actually be feeling how we've said, but we don't know how to put it properly.

8. We can't just "let it go," our pain doesn't just go.

Sometime's a mental illness is caused by an event or many events, sometimes it's inherited, and of course sometimes it's a bit of both. But regardless, a mental illness is still there and is every bit as real as a broken leg or cancer. We can't just let it go, it doesn't work like that, and just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't real and of equal problem to someone's physical issue (even though mental illness is actually a physical illness, it's an imbalance of chemicals in the brain).

9. It feels really good when were completely accepted for who we are.

Just like anyone, it feels really good to be accepted and, even better, appreciated for our differences.

10. When we feel stuff, we REALLY feel it, it goes right into our soul and never leaves.

Our emotions are likely heightened, so when good or bad stuff happens, it's never something we can just forget, it's forever written in our souls. It defines us.

There are so many more points I'd love to make on this movie but here are just my top ten. Feel free to leave comments adding your fave things!! Like and Share for more!





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