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Imagine how cool it would be if they decided to make movies out of Cartoon Network shows! I'm for it if they ever do it, of course they've done movies before on TV but if they did movies in the cinema it would be awesome! These are my choices for who should be in the films!

Ben Tennyson (Older.)- Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott is well-known as oldest of the Heck family in "The Middle". He would be great as the older (In age.) Ben 10, he looks the part of Ben 10 and would be brilliant as the character!

Gwen Tennyson (Older.)- Shailene Woodley.

Known most for playing the role of Tris in "The Divergent series" and starring in "The Fault In Our Stars" Shailene Woodley would be great as Gwen Tennyson as she is a respected actress and is very popular now.

Grandpa Max- Robert De Niro.

I know this one is a little far-fetched, but just here me out, he is getting older now and he'll have to start settling down to less-action packed Characters, he is also in my mind ideal for the character, he looks like the character and would definitely get the movie recognition.

Alien Voices (Except Humungousaur.)- Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis is a voice actor known for his work as Gollum in "The Lord Of The Rings" and "The Hobbit" he is also in the new "Planet Of The Apes" Movies as Caesar. He could play almost all of the aliens as he can brilliant voice-work, I think he'd do perfectly as the aliens!

Humungousaur- Lou Ferrigno

Ferrigno is known for his work as the Hulk in the 70s-80s TV Show "The Incredible Hulk" He also voices the Hulk in the Avengers Movies! He also voiced the Hulk in numerous video games and in the 2008 movie, "The Incredible Hulk". He would be brilliant to voice the character as the character of Humungousaur is very Hulk-like!


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