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Ryan Danger Dunbrack

Video review, click on it to avoid reading, and get the reviews earlier if you subscribe! Before I start I just want to say if you want to talk about the episode comment either on the video or this article and I'll do my best to respond.

This was an amazing episode, there was less first episode problems then their were in the first episode and I thought this episode was amazing. The introduction of Rosario Dawson as Night Nurse was great, she's an amazing actress and I really enjoyed her in the episode.

Their setting up a kind of Karen and Foggy love plot, even though it seemed like it was going to be Karen and Matt. Deborah Ann Woll in this episode was amazing, specifically in the bar scene I really enjoyed her.

The best scene was Daredevil pushing the man off the roof, it was shocking and amazing and I loved it! The fighting was great, (the fire extingusher scene) it was great in the first episode too and I still really enjoy it.

I'm still really enjoying the darker tone of this show, it's fitting well even with the lighter tones of the Karen and Foggy relationship. Foggy seems to be more of a comic relief character, but I'm still really enjoying his character and he fits great with the show.

I liked the flashbacks much more than in the last episode, I hope we see more as long as they matter and aren't forced. Ultimately a 9 / 10 I loved this episode, it was better than the first. Tone was great and so was Rosario Dawson.


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