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Is that a good edit^

These are some predictions for Captain America 3: Civil War

The Inhumans start the Civil War

Similar to the Stanford Incident in the actual arc, one newly terrigenisized Inhumans with no control of their powers will blow up something, (probably Skye) and it will cause some one to jumpstart the Superhero Registration Act, maybe the World Security Council.

I can just imagine them saying "We need a response to this threat" That would be awesome

Hulk will get shot in space if he hasn't already

Ruffalo has talked about Planet Hulk, and since The Avengers have been confirmed to be going to space, it would be wise to do a modified Planet Hulkin one of the animated films they have been talking about or incorporate it into GOTG2, and then have him resurface in Infinity War, or maybe Skaar.

Extra Tidbit: As I will say later, they will need to clear the shelves

Ragnarok will be in the film

If you don't know, Ragnarok is the name of a Thor clone built by Tony Stark to win the Civil War. You can imagine that the real Thor wasn't very happy when he found out about it.

Hemsworth will not have a major role in the film, just a cameo, but the Ragnarok in Thor: Ragnarok will be about the clone. That would be a interesting twist

Extra Tidbit: I can't tell which one is the clone

At Least 2 heroes will die, including Cap

Death of Captain America. No fan wants it, but we know it has to happen sometime.

Chris Evans is at the end of his contract, and has previously said he wants to get out of acting.

In the regular Civil War storyline, Captain America dies, leading into the Fallen Son arc. This causes Tony to repent on his harsh actions, and it takes a serious emotional toll on him.

In order for the Civil War storyline to conclude in Captain America 3, some one has to die. For business reasons, such as contracts, and for the sake of other characters like Spidey and [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) to have some importance, you have to get rid of the originals.

Extra Tidbit: On the bright side, since Marvel is rumored to have some animated MCU films, we could get some 1602 stuff

The Implications include

Bucky becomes Captain America

Kind of a given since Steve Rogers is dying

The Big Three

Those Three will no longer be Avengers

Stark will be at least on a leave of absence

Thor will be in Ragnarok, possibly dead

Steve will be dead


To be more like the current comics...

Make Falcon Cap and during Ragnarok make the girl Thor happen and make Thor just Odinson or die. Plus, Stark will go crazy by Steve's death.

But no matter what happens...

It will lead to the formation of a new Avengers team

It is already confirmed to kick off Phase 3, but it will kick off a new age for the Avengers, possibly a lineup like this

Falcon, Winter Soldier (One of them as Cap), Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Girl Thor, Vision, and the Iron Legion, possibly a couple Inhumans and hopefully the Netflix dudes.


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