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For those who don't know, there
were a series of murders in the 1940s by a killer known as The Phantom. His identity was never found & in 1976 there was a low budget horror movie loosely based it. This film is a "meta squeal". A term I'm still learning. This film takes place in modern day but the events of the first film never took place. Well except in the movie, which is referenced & shown throughout.

The story is a couple, after leaving a screaming of the first film, are attacked by the Phantom. He murders the boyfriend & let's the girl live to spread his message. The message of to remember. From there we see reenactments of some of the kills with new ones. Sometimes while a character is watching the same kill take place in the cult classic film.

The cast in the movie was good. I wasn't taken out of the film by someone's acting. Anthony Anderson was good in this & it took me awhile to realize it was him.

Side by side of the Phantom & Jason
Side by side of the Phantom & Jason

Some might notice that the Phantom looks like Jason from the early Friday the 13th movies. I don't know if Jason's look before the ironic hockey mask was influenced by the Phantom but I wouldn't be surprised if he was.

This film was really good until the end. As soon as I seen the twist/big reveal I only thought about one movie. Scream. In the original you didn't see who the Phantom was. This one there was a mystery about it & it was leading to the viewer finding out who the killer was because it has you guessing throughout. However they pulled a Scream. Two killers, one of them being the dead boyfriend. This really ruined the film for me. What should have been a 8 star is now a solid 7.

I still say watch the 1976 film. It's interesting. The 2014 isn't bad but the twist ended left a awful taste in mouth. It lacks the quirkiness of the original but that's good or bad based on your taste.


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