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You know how everyone's talking about the animation of the MCU? When I heard of this my mind went one place, Planet Hulk. Everyone is like there is never going to be another Hulk movie saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, but since now that the MCU has this new way to get new things out there, there is almost infinite possibilities (pun intended). See, doing it this way would lower production cost a ton, it would let Planet Hulk happen, and it would get a way for the Avengers and Guardians to meet. Even Mark Ruffalo is interested

Mark Ruffalo: "I think there's a lot of places to go with him [Hulk]."
Scarlett Johansson: "Like where?"
IGN: "Space?"
Ruffalo: "Well he's going to space. Yeah, I mean there's some talk of maybe Planet Hulk."
IGN: "Would you like to see that?"
Ruffalo: "I'd be completely interested in entertaining that."

See, even the actor is happy to do it so why not? You've got like 1,000 reasons to do this and it would be super awesome.

This would be such a good way to please fans and help the MCU along in the correct way. Please Marvel, if you see this do not hesitate to make this movie!


Would you like to see Planet Hulk happen?


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