ByToprak Sezgin (Zis is unacceptable), writer at

Hello everybody this is my first review here. I have had a account but I was lazy to write anything. Today, I am going to review the first chapter of an episodic game called "Lakeview Cabin Collection." After other episodes come out, I'll review them one by one. Let's begin. You start of the game in an alley. There is a cinema at the end of right road. When you enter the cinema, you can enter the chapter. First chapter takes place in a cabin where 4 friends currently live. You can switch between them, swim, take your clothes off, get drunk and have sex. It's literally a sandbox game. But beware because if you don't get prepared until night, then you are literally screwed. This game is full of great puzzles, like you need to get a key but you can't reach it, so you have two people have sex on the bed so that the key can fall. Randomly, a woman with a mask can come. She takes the axe at the beginning so that she can be harmful so you should be hiding it. There are many ways to kill her. You can crash at her with a motorcycle, shoot her with the shotgun, push her to the woodchipper etc. After you finally kill her, a man who is her husband will appear with a knife in his hand and he is so fast that he eventually manages to outrun you. When you kill him, you need to cut the rope that connects the ship to the dock. But suddenly, the woman who you killed, appears humming tunes. You have to hit with the axe. If you done so you will see a family photo of the man, his wife and their kids. Credits will roll, tears will be shed. This game actually came as a surprise to me. It mixes everything greatly. It is currently at a discount, so get it while you can. Thanks for listening, hope to see you again.


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