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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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Some movies just stick with you because they were so bad or disappointing, & sometimes annoying! So I'm going to keep a public list of those films. Beware!

House of the Dead (2003)

I was just getting into zombie films, thanks to the Resident Evil films & gave this on a shot. To this day I reference this as the worse film or at least, what the standard for a shit flick is. But to be fair I did enjoy two things about this film. This Asian girl dancing topless & Bif Naked DJ'ing in the background.
This lasted maybe 3 minutes...More like 1 minute.

The Black Dahlia (2006)

I seriously hate this boring pile of Hollywood names. I had just finished playing L.A. Noir & the murder peaked my interest. Now was this film about the black dahila case right? Barely...more of a back drop for some made up story I didn't want to see. I watched this thinking it's about the murder as the name implies but I didn't get...Easily one of the most disappointing films in recent memory.

Don't Go In The Woods (2010)

It said it was a horror musical..this film sent me on a Twitter rage because I had to vent about how stupid & horribly bad this is. If you can over look the acting & singing, this film sense. Some guy or guys in the woods murdering people with sledgehammers. Why? Who are they? Why are they killing these people? You'll never know because the movie will ever tell you! If I was paid to care about the characters I still couldn't do it. The songs were random "indie" songs that had no place in there nor tell a story. Why if you are running from killers in robes who are there to there...would you stop to play a guitar & sing?! Never watch this. Just save yourself the time & watch a mainstream porn. It has better acting, story, effects, & it makes sense! Clifford the big red dog is better written. & I'm annoyed by just writing about this film....

Leprechaun Origins (2014)

I am all for remakes, reboots, or re-imaginings. This one I hated. This rated R films almost nothing. The colors were bland. Blood is barely noticeable. The killings are meh, not that you see them. I say watch Leprechaun Revenge. Much better & in the horror vain that this one wanted to have.

These are just a few of the worst films I have seen. I'm sure to update or re-post with dates when I add more. What are some movies on your Shit List? Comment below & let me know.


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