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Daredevil episode 3 was great, we got to see Vincent D'Onofrio playing Kingpin AKA Wilson Fisk. I really like him and the tone around him but we don't get to see a lot of it in this episode. Also, when he comes on screen I'm just kind of waiting for him to start kicking some serious ass.

The Heely bits were amazing in every scene, with him talking to Foggy or kicking ass he was great. Also, not only did that first scene in a major way set up for this episode being great, it was a brutal death that was insane. My only criticism there is that we didn't get to see his head afterwards. Also, the fact that he would kill himself in an awesome way just to avoid Fisk is great, it was really fear striking like, it made you wonder how bad ass Kingpin is going to be.

The fight scenes were great, the court scenes were great both Foggy and Matt were awesome in this episode. Charlie Cox's voice is amazing and his court scene was great he was the best actor in the episode. Ben Urich is a great character supported by great acting too which I loved. Ultimately I loved the episode, the tone was great, I loved the writing and acting but some things could have been done better.

8 / 10

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