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Brian Maitland

Now we all know there has been debate about which movie will earn the most money at the box office, Avengers 2 or Star Wars 7.

Now I know i'm already going to get hate comments because of the title, but just hear me out.

Star Wars is one of the best movie franchises in history, but if you think about it, only 3/6 of the movies are really good (and of course I'm talking about the original trilogy). But the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is pretty much a franchise in itself and they haven't made a terrible film yet. They have all been at least good. What I'm trying to say is that Marvel has proven themselves time and time again but Star Wars only has 3 great live action films.

The fan-base is also something to talk about. There are may Star Wars fans out there, but I think a very small fraction of them have left after the terrible prequels. Also the kids who watched Star Wars then are adults and may not enjoy the movies as much now. But [The Avengers](movie:9040) has new kids hooked, superhero fans and even adults can enjoy the movies too. And i know there are a lot of adult Star Wars fans, but I think not as much since everybody grew up. Also for people who weren't sure if the 1st Avengers was going to be good and just waited to watch it online or on DVD, now knows it was great and will be excited to see the sequel in theaters.

Money. Star Wars has made a VERY good amount of money with it's franchise, but Avengers is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all-time and broke the weekend box-office records. The sequel definitely has a chance of breaking that record again and could possibly take the 1st Avengers out of it's 3rd place seat or the movie could even be the 2nd or 1st highest grossing movie of all time. Maybe?

Alright well those were my reasons, let the hate comments fly in.

I do believe though that the numbers will be extremely close, or maybe I'm just stupid and Star Wars Episode 7 comes out on top. Who Knows? Either way it goes Disney will be sitting on a lot of cash.


What movie do you think will make more money?


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