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Okay Okay so we've all watched 16 year old Juno battle pregnancy in legendary fashion, so here's a quick recap on why she's the biggest teenage rockstar anyone knows, ever.

1. She's selfless.

Okay so she get's knocked up, goes to an abortion clinic but's like "sh*t the kids got fingernails" and can't kill it. But instead of keeping the baby and in doing so likely ruining its life, she's "like wait a minute, their's probably some poor couple out there that can't have kids but really want some." When looking through the penny saver (newspaper) for adoptive parents, she decides against giving it to a family with 3 kids, she wants the child to be given to someone who is desperate for a child. YOU GO JUNO.

2. She take's a lot of crap from other high schoolers for being pregnant but still won't abort.

I mean, she took crappy boys shouting trash at her and a bunch of other stuff like constant ogling and a bitchy ultra-sound technician.

3. She has a HAMBURGER PHONE for crying out loud.

Need I say any more on this point?

4. She has an insane taste in music.

I mean, come on, The Runaways... best girl band ever created... stuff Girl's Aloud and Little Mix.

5. She has the best stories to tell...

Their is absolutely no forgetting this scene... ever.

6. Even when her baby is born and given to Vanessa, she stays strong.

A lot of people funk out at this stage in an adoption like this, they see their child and suddenly realize they can't let them go. But no, Juno made Vanessa a promise and our Junebug isn't about to let her down.

7. She doesn't care what anyone thinks.

No matter what others think of her, or tell her to do, she does everything the Juno way. Good for you!

8. She says what every other girl on the planet is thinking.

We're all thinking it ladies.

9. She ALWAYS has a snappy comeback.

She's always on the ball and knows how to play it right. Man, if only I always had a good reply, I'd have many fewer problems haha.

10. She has a pipe that she doesn't smoke..

I personally love this one because I also have a pipe XD. We are practically sisters.

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