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Over the past few months speculation has run wild over who the next Green Lantern for the film reboot will be. Will it be Hal Jordan, John Steward or even a female newcomer. Even more rife, the speculation of the actors that will be portraying the role. From Tyrese Gibson with his aggressive marketing campaign, to Chris Pine to Idris Elba. As I read through the various articles, one prominent picture however kept popping up in every comments section at least once. Although obviously fan-made, the person behind the mask is truly a spitting image of Hal Jordan, with even the same hairlines to complete the picture. But who is this mysterious person. Is he an actor, artist or just some random person? After an extensive search, I am yet to discover the man behind the mask. The perfect Green Lantern with no name. A mystery forever contained in a mask. The perfect Green Lantern...


The perfect Green Lantern?


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