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Tony Scott was Rock n' Roll. A master craftsman that when armed with good material and quality actors could deliver movies that were exciting, poignant, and effortlessly cool.

From Top Gun to Domino to Unstoppable, it's clear Scott has a passion for vocational interests - be it flying planes, bounty hunting, or runaway trains.

This series aims to catalog the Tony Scott output in easy to read, and ideally entertaining pieces. Tony Scott represents the joy of cinema. The joy of big budgets and big chances and balls-to-the-wall thrills. In much the same way a movie can be a 'masterpiece' and still kind of boring, a lot of Tony Scott's movies aren't particularly enriching, but thoroughly entertaining regardless.

Crimson Tide:

In my humble opinion, in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself.

Crimson Tide might as well be a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" movie. Crimson Tide does a lot of the same things a TNG episode would, but replacing a space ship with a submarine, and fictional techno babble with, well, real techno babble.

It's as fascinated by the inner workings of a submarine and its crew, as much as "TNG" was obsessed with the day-to-day lives and adventures of a crew of space explorers. Because the setting *feels* real, the stories are allowed to be a bit more 'out there'. If you're the kind of person inclined to watch a movie because you like a good story, AND you like to know how something foreign and complicated works a bit better, Crimson Tide is one of those 'entertaining and unintentionally educational' flicks.

The Tom Hanks movie 'Captain Phillips' was a lot like this too - showing us a lot about how a giant barge and its crew actually functions and works, so when stuff goes haywire, we understand the hows and whys.

But the technical fidelity is mostly a potato bread bun that surrounds the beefy acting of Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, who both play decent men acting in what they believe to be the best interest of their country, and their duty to the Navy. The tension between the two is like a tea kettle. It boils over, simmers, and after the dust settles both men realize the other was only doing their job to the best of their ability- and whether or not that results in total nuclear holocaust, well, that's for you to watch the movie and find out.

Crimson Tide is a wonderful thriller and great fun to watch with parents or loved ones who don't like hyper violence or intense gore, but love intensity. There's also some great talking points to pull out of the flick if you're looking for them.

Toss in a stellar support cast of Tony Scott regulars, and rest assured you'll be eager to deep dive with this one.


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