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Now I'll be honest I was never really a Thor fan before the movie came out, I knew about the character but I was never Interested in him. But after seeing this movie in 2011, It made me got into the character and the series in general. I enjoyed Thor a lot I thought it was very fun enjoyable popcorn comic book flick which is one of the key parts in phase 1 of the MCU.

The film however is not perfect, my main problem with it were the dutch angles in almost every shot of the movie, I'm sorry the more I saw that the more I got irritated. Chris Hemsworth as Thor is one of the best casting choice in film history, I mean I can't picture anyone in the role other than him. The Asgard setting is beautiful and great to look at I wish something like that were real, I mean c'mon. Loki has become one of the best and entertaining villains of the superhero genre, Hiddleston plays the role very well. "Jane Porter" played Natalie Portman, was really well casted, her character was more like Gwen Stacey Betty Ross and Pepper Potts and less like Mary Jane Watson and Vicki Vale, I enjoyed her character as a head strong scientist and help Thor most through out of the movie. Anthony Hopkins as "Odin" again, great casting choice. I loved the action, visual characters, cast, the movie is good but not great, and that's all I'm gonna say.


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