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Just starting this off by saying I have only watched two episodes of the Netflix Series: Daredevil. I ask for you guys to keep the spoilers out of the comments please. Thank you.

On that note let me just begin by saying.. Holy Sh%#!, Daredevil is insanely cool! I watched about 15 minutes of the show and I was already engaged as loyal viewer. What I like about this show so far is that Matt Murdock makes it so believable that he is some blind guy that can barely walk without assistance. He's smooth, charismatic and highly intelligent. This being said, Charlie Cox whom portrays Matt is amazing at this. My only complaint was that he didn't look muscular but then I saw the boxing scene in the gym and I ate my own words.

There's a few points I want to cover because a lot of fans of Daredevil were wary of these things...

The Black Suit

I know a lot of people are complaining about the simplicity of this suit, but guys come on! This is an origin story of Daredevil the show's producers even stated that the suit of Daredevil will evolve throughout the show's seasons. Plus the guy is blind, he doesn't care what the damn suit looks like it's about functionality and honestly this is probably the most grounded suit to date for a super hero on a Television Series ( Sorry Arrow)! The thing that irritated me the most were the fans that obviously were not educated in DD comics that stated it wasn't even his suit.


If that doesn't shut them up I don't know what will. Anyways back to my point the costume is genius and I think that they shouldn't introduce the Red Suit till at least the Season 2 finale whenever that will be.

The fight scenes:

From the very first thrown punch I knew it was going to be special the choreography of the fights are pure genius and at some times unbelievable but realistic. It's not like Daredevil doesn't get hit, it's that he takes the punches that are dealt to him. I remember in of the scenes in particular in episode 2 appropriately titled "The Cut man", where Matt was rescuing the boy he was pursuing in the Russian safe-house and all of them were throwing blows at him and he was dodging and ducking under all of them and swiftly laying down his own punches. He had this moment where he looked exhausted from the pain and the fight and he jumped off the wall momentarily and punched one of the Russians in the face and it was an incredible show of Daredevi's true endurance and athleticism.

Identity Crisis

I'm really hoping Marvel learned from Arrow's mistake of Oliver Queen questioning his identities and never playing out on that throughout Season 3. I think Matt Murdock can be Daredevil and a lawyer at the same time but I want to see the struggle between Matt and Daredevil as one of them will win more of his time and it'd be very neat to see that side to a hero because you don't see it often in Marvel's live action adaptation. I want to see Matt Murdock go from somebody getting out his childhood anger to a true Defender of his neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen.

Additional statements

I really liked that the destruction of New York City was addressed in this series because AOS has been ignoring it for too long and it was getting rather plot holey. Anyways that's all for now will definitely be posting more Daredevil content and News in the future.

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What do you guys think so far of Daredevil?


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