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Movie's and I have a special kind of relationship. Also books are life.
Lauren Victoria

Don't you hate when film makers take a good book and leave out all the important bits? Yeah I imagine every Christian on the planet feels that way about this movie.

Your biggest problem when basing a movie on a religious or political standpoint is, if you don't do it properly then you are going to get hammered by people all over the world. Not only did this movie make Noah out to be some evil lunatic that want's everyone dead including his own grand-children, he sacrifices his two youngest sons chance at having a life with a women, essentially forcing them into inbreeding with their nieces. Like, hold up a minute, their is nothing in the bible saying that Noah's got to kill his grand-kids. Actually all his sons were too board the Ark with their wives.

However, although the movie is what might be deemed factually incorrect in places, we have to consider that the story needed some fabrication to keep it going, but for this I feel they could have focused on something more to the story-line, like the deranged blood-lust of the surviving Cain civilisation, showing why they needed to be defeated by God. Although they do start to go into this, showing the brutality of humanity, they could have taken it a whole lot further. Heck even though the Stoney Fallen Angels aren't part of the story, if you'd of expanded on them a bit more, you might not have peed off the entire Christian community.

On the plus side of this enthralling movie, the CGI and general tech side of this production is astounding. When the tidal waves start crashing, you feel as good as drowned yourself in pure amazement. The Ark and all it's animals are beautifully depicted, the creatures all great and small bring the light and the magic back into the story. Something I know I myself experienced when hearing the story as a child and was happy to see replicated in this dramatization.

Honestly you couldn't have got better actors/actresses if you'd tried. Emma Watson played the lovely IIa, it's just a shame the story-line she was given wasn't in keeping with the original story. Regardless you couldn't help but feel the pain she felt when her babies were at risk. Again Russel Crowe strikes us with his manliness! He's the actor that carries the entire film, even if he is slightly more aggressive and volatile than the humble man I'd imagined Noah to be. Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman definitely do it for the hottie factor, their acting isn't half bad either as they play two of Noah's three sons.

In general the movie is good for entertainment value, but if you want realism or to learn about the Bible, you came to the wrong place.

Check out the trailer below and please comment your own judgement! All opinions welcomed!


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