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1. Plug and Play

Based on the the animated film by Michael Frei, and coded by Mario von Rickenbach, the interactive game (which is basically the same thing as the film) is pretty surreal. But what I like about it is that it makes you think. It's kind of like a weird poem that you have no idea what it means, and its really hard to understand. I liked it though.

2. The Static Speaks My Name

Do NOT play this game if you don't enjoy super depressing topics. Again, it is very strange, but a little easier to understand than "Plug and Play." Well some parts anyway, it still makes you think, like a riddle of some sort. It's a little short though, I wish it would of been longer. The game itself is very creepy and disturbing. And even though it was very sad, I still found myself liking it.

3. Presentable Liberty

It's the sequel to "Exoptable Money." This is probably one of my favorites, because it is longer and has a very intriguing story with it. The story in "Presentable Liberty" is about a deadly virus that is sweeping across the world. You are in a cell, not infected, but you do not have any clue why you are in the cell. Though it is long, the game is very slow-paced when you play it. But even so, it is very thought provoking and interesting. Just warning you, you can't save your progress in the game.

4. One Chance

This game is very sad. In "One Chance" you have 6 days to save the world from a deadly virus. Even though the game has not the greatest graphics, it still contains some deep subjects and, like "The Static Speaks My Name," it is depressing. It is very short as well.


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