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SO the challenge... Pick your favorite Mark Wahlberg character to hang with.

Well I know I first saw him as "Marky Mark" and actually went to see him in concert back in 1992, but definitely not in the mood to run all over town in boxer briefs. It's still too cold up here in Maine for that.

Definitely not David McCall from "Fear." That guy reminds me way too much of some of my exes.

Bobby Shatford from "The Perfect Storm" was a runner up, but as this is Maine and coastal deaths of fisherman are part of our history, it just felt it would be a constant reminder of sad times.

Vince Papale from "Invincible" would be fun, but after talking about nothign but football for hours, I would probably run head first into a goal post just to get silence.

I could probably pick and choose through all the roles except one.... John Bennet from "Ted." I know it's probably cliche to choose this, but my reasons aren't to do with Ted at all. It's John Bennet. I'd like to hang with someone that understands complete loyalty. A guy that can take a joke and slap one right back at you. I'd hang out with someone that can laugh about something the day after when all hell breaks loose.

As for what we'd do... I'd have to say start the day off with some coffee, followed by a serious discussion on the varying levels of the female upper body and trying to figure out how they don't fall on their face as they walk with that much weight shooting out in front of them. That would of course lead a challenge of who can come up with more words for breasts. After that, probably a nap because, let's face it, we partied WAY too hard the night before. After waking up, it's some tv dinners or Hot Pockets for lunch because it's too much trouble to cook and then have to do dishes after. Probably sit back and watch some Big Bang Theory and laugh at the geeky guys and pretend we know what they are talking about (although we would NEVER admit to each other we completely understood it all). Then it's off to make some prank phone calls. When that got boring... Time for a Flash Gordon Marathon. I know marathon is a wrong choice of words for watching it over and over, but it is what it is. After supper it's out for a nite with the guys. Nothing but laughs and crazy humor.

So now the "What's not cliche about that." Simple. It's not me to be like that. I tend to have fun and act crazy but I haven't in a long time. I can't think of a better character to confront how serious I am becoming other than the complete polar opposite to remind me I am more than just someone that takes life so serious. People that can remind you who you are when you are feeling lost are the best people in the world to be around, so that is why I choose John Bennett... to remind me that it is still ok to laugh....


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