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I mean we want this to happen. Don't we??? When the news broke out about a Teen Titans live action show would be on tv, everyone went ballistic, no balls out crazy with total excitement. Then more news came out that shooting will begin in 2015. Again balls out crazy with total excitement, but what got more ppl excited is what it could mean for the Arrow and The Flash shows along with this new spinoff show with The Atom/Firestorm and Co. Then also the Supergirl show. DC is killing it on tv and this Titans does end up coming to fruition, i believe the whole DCTVU becomes complete. Here is why i believe the Titans and the Arrowverse should become one.



Back in 2012 the cw premiered The Arrow for the first time. The whole backstory of Oliver Queen in his adventures as The Arrow and his time on the island he was deserted on that made him the man he is on the show. Since then this show has become a breeding ground for superheroes to dawn themselves and their stories like:


Which then reciprocated with introducing a superhero by the name of:



Arrow gave birth to these superheroes and with arousing success but why stop there. DC has a chance to completely wipe marvel out in Tv universe of things and make crazy crap happen that tv has never seen before and will never forget. The Titans show has just the character that can be the linchpin within their universe, which brings me to my next reason, my next topic.


Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing will be the main star if the Titans live action show gets off the ground. Now what makes Nightwing so damned important??? Nightwing in the DC comics is super connected to almost everybody if not everybody. He brings a certain atmosphere an impact to DC that not even the Dark Knight or The Man of Steel ever could. The guy is a bonafide hero and a trailblazer and for those who know what i'm talking about i don't really need to explain. There was a certain point in the comics where they were to going kill off Nightwing during Infinite Crisis but at the last moment they decided not to pull the trigger. DC realized how important Nighwing is 2 their universe and what kind of negative ripple effect it would have on their universe. Here is an exerpt explaining why they did not kill of Nightwing in Infinite Crisis.

"From a DC Nation panel at Wizard World Philadelphia 2006:

The Pulse reports: “When asked if there was a character that he would have liked to see killed during Crisis, Didio pointed to Nightwing as his choice. He felt as though the natural progression of the storyline should have lead to his death. Geoff Johns was vehemently opposed to killing Nightwing.”

Newsarama reports: “When each panelist was asked who they would have killed, if given their druthers, as part of Infinite Crisis, Johns declined to answer; however, Didio, after discussion, said, “I wanted Nightwing dead,” and explained that, if you follow the Nightwing story through the miniseries, you can see fairly clearly that he was supposed to die. ”

from Infinite Crisis Hardcover: “Infinite Discussions”

An interview with Inifinite Crisis Writer Geoff Johns, Artist Phil Jimenez, Editor Eddie Berganaza, and Assistant Editor Jeanine Schaefer.

DC: The ending of this issue really hit a lot of people hard, with the death of Superboy.

GEOFF: We originally talked about killing Nightwing. That was always Dan’s plan.

EDDIE: But we didn’t want [Nightwing] to die.

GEOFF: We wanted to have issue #6 be about bringing the Trinity back. Dan focused on offing Nightwing, but we all felt it was just the wrong character.

PHIL: Though I can’t think of a character who would have a greater impact than Nightwing dying.

GEOFF: True, but it’s Dick Grayson. My mom knows who he is. Nightwing would’ve been a mistake. Superboy was the best choice.

PHIL: Just in terms of links to other characters, though. Dick has so many connections to other characters. In many ways, even more than Superman or Batman, Nightwing is the soul, the linchpin, of the DCU. He’s well respected by everyone, known to the JLA, the Titans, the Outsiders, Birds of Prey – everyone looks to him for advice, for friendship, for his skills. He’s the natural leader of the DCU. His loss would devastate everyone and create ripples through the DCU. If it wasn’t him, it had to be a hero that really impacted so many.

GEOFF: Well, what other character? Not Wonder Girl. Enough women have died in the DCU. Superboy was my favorite Titan. And I literally had to offer him as a sacrificial lamb.

DC: You killed your favorite Titan? That must have been hard to write.

JEANINE: I literally had tears in my eyes when the pages came in.

GEOFF: I really fought to have Conner in TEEN TITANS. He gave the title a dynamic the book never had before.

JEANINE: It’s one of the reasons [his death] worked so well and became such a powerful scene. I remember talking to Geoff when the decision was made, and he was, correctly, really adamant that it matter.

GEOFF: And Phil did such a great job with facial expressions there, depicting everyone’s sorrow.

EDDIE: We were hoping to save both Nightwing AND Superboy. But at the end of the day, if we were going to do something really impactful, we really had to go all the way. It just worked for the whole story.

JEANINE- “Deaths are meaningless.” But you couldn’t not care about this.

Friday, September 15, 2006, Newsarama has now posted a second article, this time on DC’s One Year Later panel.

Q: Why didn’t you kill Nightwing in Infinite Crisis?

Waid: Because Geoff Johns and I took turns holding a big club over Dan once we learned he wanted too.

Perez: And speaking for guys who actually earn residuals off of Nightwing, we like him too.

Q: Why was it even considered?

Waid: Yeah Dan, why?

Wayne: And don’t say again, “Because Bob said it would sell.”

Busiek: Have you ever drunk a lot of Scotch? Dan has.

Waid: Yeah, what has he ever done to you?

Didio: We were looking for the big death in Infinite Crisis – the big moment. We were looking for something that would have equal import and merit and weight in this story. One of the things I’ve been proven wrong about is that I had felt that Dick Grayson was a redundant character – Tim Drake had filled his role as Robin, he would never be Batman, so where could he go?

My big fear was that Nightwing would get older than Batman. The thought was that if we removed Dick form the equation that would allow Bruce Wayne to stand alone as Batman, and to firmly establish Tim Drake as Robin. So now – Marv is showing us why we like him, his place in the DC Universe, and more importantly, his potential in the DC Universe."

Nightwing is damn important to the DC universe & it would be a shame not 2 capitalize on such a fantastic opportunity such as this. I would have Nightwing and Arrow fight a similar foe that would unite team Arrow and the Titans and they have the perfect foe to do it against.

Common Foe: HIVE

John Diggle of Arrow searching up HIVE
John Diggle of Arrow searching up HIVE

So on the show Arrow, one of the team members John Diggle has a score to settle with HIVE because they put a hit out on his brother. The showrunners of Arrow have been teasing this for a while and now season 4 of Arrow will definitely dive in head first with HIVE as its main story. The showrunners say this will go from bad to worst facing this brand of evil and next season will be totally different from past seasons. The fight may be a bit much for team Arrow but not to fear the Titans will appear. Titans could very well face off with the meta side of HIVE as their first big villians, while team Arrow faces off with the more non meta human side. Until maybe a season finale of the two shows brings both teams together to take down HIVE. I have them taking down the main leader of the team and Diggle getting justice for his brother finally. Though the meta human side of HIVE may still be around which will always give a time to time battle with the Titans on their show. The Titans & Team Arrow shake hands before they part ways and vowing they will see each other again. However the Titans won't be essentially walking with the satisfaction of a job well done. Which brings me to my next point

The Sidekicks/The Partners

Upon leaving Star City the Titans could end up recruiting a certain member of Team Arrow:

Thea Queen: Speedy, Chesire, hopefully Artemis

Oliver Queen's sister is all grown up
Oliver Queen's sister is all grown up

Thea could easily be ready to spread her wings and shine bright on a team like the Titans. She always talks about her independence and wanting to able to stand on her own. She may not want to live in Oliver's shadow and Nightwing may be able to convince her or talk her up to the idea of joining the Titans. Besides they need an archer and if Roy Harper AKA Arsenal does end up dead like the rumors say he would be then it only ups her chances of leaving Team Arrow eventually. She may be a part time team member up until the Arrow series ends and then she becomes a full fledged team member or sooner. Possible love interest for Nightwing once he and Starfire are done.

Wally West: Kid Flash

This is how wally west will look in The Flash tv series so get over it. I just hope they don't go with the whole he wuz involved with some stuff with the other side of the law cuz thats utter stereotypical BS. I dunno how the Titans and wally will meet but they will.

Roy Harper: Arsenal

Now if he doesn't die or gets revived (courtesy of lazarus pit) then he may end up on the Titans at some point. May never be a full fledged member could possibly strike out on his own or join another team. What is the name of that team??? I know it starts with Red i just can't put my finger on it. Lol jk u guys know who i am talking about. Wink

Anywayz this is purely daydreaming on my part but hey it could happen. Hopefully DC is smart enough and realizes it has an amazing thing going on here with the DCTVU. Just don't screw it up DC and stop giving your movies all the good stuff cuz trust me the movies would be great but their TV shows could be AMAZING. Double dip if u have to just don't stop the growth of your amazing DCTVU.


Well whatdya think? Should Titans and the Arrowverse be one and connect???


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