ByGabe Briney, writer at

Loki- Scar

Both are power hungry and have brother issues.

Iron Man- Kuzco

Both are rich wise crackers.

Hulk- Beast

Both have high tempers and are humans who become cursed with a monster.

Hawkeye- Robin Hood

Both are archer heroes.

Black Widow- Mulan

Both are government heroes with a tragic origin.

Thor- Hercules and Mufasa

Thor and Hercules are sons head-gods and are strong warriors who cares about Earth. Thor and Mufasa are the better of brothers.

Nick Fury- Shang

Both are leaders trying to build a team.

Captain America- Hercules and Shang

Cap and Hercules are worshipped heroes. Cap and Shang are military leaders.

Agent Phil Coulson- Woody

Both are loyal.

War Machine- Pacha

Both are friends with rich boys and act as their conscience.


Which is coolest?


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