ByBrad Dee, writer at

As Peter David has been showing in the course of this series, our hero may have the best of intentions, but, when he does display it there are consequences. Why should this issue be any different? Miguel O'Hara knows that the future is doomed. Something is going to happen in the present regarding Alcamax that will turn the world of 2099 into a nuclear wasteland that is ruled by the Maestro. But, he has no clue what. Maybe a talk with Peter Parker might shed some light on the matter. But, as Peter points out, the future might be changed by either Alcamax doing something, or not doing something. Miguel is faced with a decision in this issue that could change the course of history or make that future from actually happening.

But, that is not the only problem and decision that Miguel must face. He must also decide if he should help someone he cares for who is dying from cancer when he can cure her. But, as he knows this cure is not in existence yet, so what would happen in he does choose to save her? Well, that question is answered in this very issue, with horrible consequences for all. Peter David has been writing an excellent book for the last year, and was actually also one of the better tie-ins to "Spider-verse". The book has been building the characters and storylines so thoroughly, that one has to wonder how he is going to solve all these problems with only 1 issue left in the series(thanks to "Secret Wars"). Will it end in a rushed manner(like Ultimate Spider-man did), or will he actually wrap everything up perfectly. Well, we will need to wait another month to find that out. But, for now, we again have gotten an entertaining story with some good art and an excellent cover(as always). I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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