ByBrad Dee, writer at

As a comic series, Spider-woman started off on the wrong end by beginning with a crossover event. "Spider-verse" was in full swing, and this series began with tie-ins that added nothing to that set. People were disappointed with the comic, and questioned if it would survive "Secret Wars". That question is still uncertain, but, if the last 2 issues are any indication, I am hopeful that the series will continue because it has improved greatly. A new costume, a new attitude, a new supporting cast and a new storyline can do that. The only thing that didn't change was the writer/artist of the book. So, how can it change so much when the creative team didn't? Well, because Hopeless has stated that this was the direction he was always aiming for, but the "powers that be" at Marvel(Dan slott...) forced the "Spider-verse" on him, so he had to wait 4 months to tell his story.

Now, Spider-woman has begun a new case that is chock full of mystery as a new villain is kidnapping the children of "B-list" villains and forcing them to do deeds to speak to the children again. As a plot device, it hits its mark and finds a way to add humor and suspense in the book. The addition of Ben Urich is also an excellent touch, as the detective gets a news reporter to dig even more dirt on the suspects. The best part of the last 2 issues of this comic has been the reaction that these villains have been getting. The Porcupine, the Big Wheel, and others return and Hopeless actually makes us feel bad for them, but at the same time not making us pity them due to how they are going about saving their children. It's hard to complain about this comic because it finds a way to successfully mix humor, adventure, mystery and action into a 22 page story, and still keeps us guessing on what the "larger picture" might actually be. I give this issue a 7 out of 10. Good read and a great way to save a comic that was sure to be going on the cancellation list soon.


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