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I don't know about all of you, but I have been binge watching Marvels newest series, Daredevil, non-stop for the last few days! Its phenomenal thus far, dark, and exceptionally fun! Expect a full review in about a week when I finish the series.

Now Im only up to Episode 5, so I'm nearing the halfway point in the series. There will be no spoilers from this article, just a well timed screen grab. I also want to avoid spoilers!

So we follow Matthew Murdock on his adventures, both as a masked vigilante and as a lawyer with a brand new law firm. He is confronted with an interesting case, and pursues a lead by asking a police officer a few questions at the NYPD station. He sits down on the bench in the station, and this is what we see...

Now this is a quick scene, but the tie in to the Civil War is there! Murdock is blocking the purple sign with his shoulder, so lets take a closer look...


Thats a very interestingly phrased sign to be hidden in a Marvel movie, so I doubt it was unintentional. Its a sign explaining your rights as a citizen to call the police anonymously and report a crime or related illegal activity. However, when applied to the situation of heroes and vigilantes, the sign takes on a different meaning.

Does this mean the producers of [Daredevil](movie:47230) are taking a side in Marvels Civil War? It could mean that Daredevil would side with Captain America, whose opinion in the Civil War is that heroes and their secret identities should be protected? Or is it just a nod to the future Captain America sequel?


Would Daredevil side with Captain America if he were to be in the MCUs "Civil War"?


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