ByBrad Dee, writer at

Duggan has been crafting a storyline for the past year that has centered on Doc Green(don't call him the Hulk) removing all traces of gamma characters from the Marvel universe so that he would be the only one left. Of course, he has had some miscues like the introduction of his A.I. that has been causing problems for him in recent issues. Now, the final person on Doc Green's list is present, which leads to a huge fight with Red Hulk. Now, while this fight might be what people truly want to see, it still goes away from exactly how this comic has been written the last few months. Gone is the suspense and mystery of why all this is happening, and present is 22 pages of fighting, biting, punching, explosions and Deadpool. The addition of Deadpool is done fine, but, Duggan starts to feel more preoccupied with him then the actual storyline(even though his purpose is done by the start of this issue). But, at least Deadpool gets to remind us in this issue that he's dying this week in his own book.

The true strength of this issue lies with Mark bagley, who again delivers a blockbuster art showing the two monsters fighting each other in ways that cause shockwaves across the entire world. Punches leave the combatants in the stratosphere, and one epic scene shows Red Hulk turning himself into a human missile to get some extra damage on Doc Green while he's already airborne. As a book, the comic is a quick read and removes the storyline while focusing on the action that we have been craving for months. But, with only one issue left in this series before "Secret Wars", we have to hope that next month gives us some explanations on what is going on and gives us at least a little bit of closure. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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