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I recently found an article in which actor Scott Adkins said the following in response to a question regarding what superhero he would like to portray...

Scott Adkins: …Ooh.
[Movie Cricket: Take your time on this one, Scott] You know…I’d love to play The Punisher…I think I’d play a great Punisher. I’ll just put that out there!

[For the full article, CLICK HERE]

As a fan of arguably the most violent non-powered superhero, I want to see Marvel try it again. Now that Daredevil has opened the Netflix door with a darker version of the Marvel Universe, now can be the perfect time to give us "Punisher: War Journal" and who better than Scott Adkins to play the role?

The combination of his size, looks, and the martial arts skills needed to play [The Punisher](movie:1007544) are visibly there. No question about that, and he has the acting chops to play the dark anti-hero of the Marvel Universe.

Although they weren't bad movies, the three prior Punisher movies missed the mark with movie fans. Tom Jane and Ray Stevenson were awesome versions of Frank Castle. Dolph Lundgren's version didn't pan out so well. Although in my opinion, the Stevenson Punisher was a closer version to what we've read in the comic books, as far as movies go.

I do have to say that Thomas Jane - with the right script - could have played a better Punisher. I'm sure everyone that saw "Dirty Laundry" might agree with me. He is definately a second option if a Scott Adkins deal can't be reached.

That said, I still believe that Scott Adkins can be the man who gives us The Punisher that fans like myself have always wanted. You can't ignore what his skills as a martial artist can bring to a Netflix/Punisher project.

He's already an action hero, now it's time to make Scott Adkins a superhero!


Is Scott Adkins THE PUNISHER?


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