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Since the release of the game Advanced Warfare many COD gamers have wondered what the 2015 COD will be. Well that wait is over as a Teaser Trailer released by Call of Duty confirms it is Black Ops 3. Many gamers will be satisfied with this news, I personally was a little dissapointed wanting World at War 2.The exciting thing for me about the news is the definite return of zombies. Many people were left dissapointed with Advanced Warfare's version of Zombies. I mean I already shelled out $60 for a game that was less than mediocre and having to put more money in this game was ridiculous. I am so glad that the return of Zombies is here. This still leaves many gamers wondering whether or not World at War Zombies 2 OR Black ops 3 zombies would be more satisfying. My vote is with Black Ops 3, mainly because Black ops zombies was the best (clearly my opinion so calm down). For me the maps in Black Ops seem better. Now that seems like an unfair comparison considering it is 2-1 but I'm comparing Black ops 2 and World at War. The characters were super annoying but i can get over that. Many people (including me) found out about the story on snapchat. Which I think is a great idea.


Black Ops VS World at War

Black Ops 2 Zombies
Black Ops 2 Zombies

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