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It has been amazing news to learn that finally, after years of waiting, Spider Man is finally joining the Avengers, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lately, news has come out that we will get our first look at the wall crawler in the upcoming 2016 movie [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), and then we will have solo films in the future; but the question is which Spider Man will be used for the upcoming films?

There has been much debate about which Spider Man should be next. There are those who want Marvel to switch their views over to the new Spidey, Miles Morales. However there are others who still want Marvel to keep going with the classic, Peter Parker. But to make a definitive decision, lets look at the facts and the possibilities.

Peter Parker
Peter Parker


Stan Lee's first Spider Man, Peter Parker, has been with us all the way since 1962 and has had many versions, stories, and great moments that has shaped the character forever. In Hollywood, Sony and Marvel have brought the Peter Parker story to us, each one continually giving us a closer look into who Peter Parker is. We watched as he went from being the weakest book worm in his high school, to being the iconic hero of New York City. He faced trials no one his age should ever have to, yet he did and handled it like the pro he is. He has met up with several groups, such as the X-men, the Defenders, and even the Mighty Avengers.

SHOULD HE BE IN THE AVENGERS: Marvel has done an amazing job so far in doing Peter Parker's origin story, and bringing out many of the most memorable villains ever seen. But it wasn't Marvel Studios doing these films. After seeing the results with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America, Marvel Studios has proven they can truly bring out our heroes past and their stories. Spider Man is no exception. [Marvel](channel:932254) Studios has the potential and the ability to make an even better story for Peter Parker and trump what we have seen so far. And since Spider Man has been affiliated with the Avengers in the past, we all know that seeing him fight side by side with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, would be spectacle beyond compare.

Miles Morales
Miles Morales


I may not know much about Miles Morales as Peter Parker, but everything I have seen, he is a great continuance of Spider Man's legacy. He has a different origin so he isn't a replacement of Marvel's original Spidey, but he continues the good fight that Spider Man began. He brings new villains, and just like the original, he gets put together with other heroes and groups, including the Avengers. He hasn't been able make himself known on the big screen yet, and it may be interesting to see a change of pace from the classic. We have seen Miles Morales in animated series such as The Ultimate Spider Man, and he seems like a decent hero. Maybe he does deserve the spotlight on the big screen with the rest of our favorite heroes.

SHOULD HE BE IN THE AVENGERS: Just like Peter Parker, Miles has gotten his chance to face the worlds greatest threats along side other remarkable characters and saving the world. But should he join the Avengers as our new Spider Man? In all honesty, no. Not because he wouldn't work well, but look at the facts. Miles Morales exists in the same time frame as Spider Man, in some comics, he even meets an older Spider Man. If Marvel is recreating the webslinger, does it make sense to put the new Spider Man a head of the old one. Not really. That would be like putting Anikan Skywalker before Luke Skywalker, it wouldn't make sense.

CONCLUSION: So which Spider Man should be our new Spider Man, the truth is, Spider Man should continue to be Peter Parker for the time. Not to say Miles Morales' Spider Man doesn't work, but if Marvel Studios is really going to start over, they must start with Peter Parker. There is still much to his story we need to see, and probably the most important point of all, he is Spider Man. Marvel started with Peter Parker, when you hear that name who is the first person you think of. Peter, or Miles? Also, today, many new comers to Spider Man are thinking of Miles, but only have heard of Peter. To continue to with Peter is to show the new audiences who started this amazing legacy. Maybe in the future, we can see Miles join Peter in a battle against evil. But for now, Peter is the face behind this amazing hero. After all, if my memory is correct, it was a man by the name of Ben Parker, who once said, "With great power, comes great responsibility."


So who do you think should be Spider Man


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