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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Superman will be appearing in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and with the main villain who is still yet to be confirmed (besides Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor) I think it's safe to say that it will be focused on Batman fighting against Superman most of the times until they realized how Lex Luthor had tricked Batman or Superman into fighting each other, but enough of that, talk about villains here are my TOP 5 Superman villains that need to appear in a Superman movie (besides Dawn of Justice) like in a sequel or something.


Parasite has been one of Superman's (um), how do you say it (um), compulsive evildoers (yes that's it) you see compulsive evildoers are enemies whose sole purpose in life is to bring evil and suffering to the superhero community and the world. Aside from Doomsday or Bizarro, Parasite is also one of Superman's deadly encounters. Rudy Jones who was a menial slacker and janitor who had worked at S.T.A.R Labs in Pittsburgh was infected by a hazardous chemical, therefore turning his skin purple (not Barney) and realizing that he had the ability to drain energy from anyone (not just energy but powers). He then took Superman's powers so he would be better but Superman was lucky enough to stop him but that wasn't over as Superman also had to battle other versions of Parasite like Dr Freeman,Alex and Alexandra Allston. Since Parasite can drain energy and powers from anyone I thought maybe it would be awesome to see Superman battle someone his own type.


And yet another compulsive evildoer of Superman, Metallo, first appeared in Action Comics #252, John Corben who was a United States soldier was used as a lab experiment for the United States Army and after a while of getting use to his 'newer' self, he then realizes that he can flow through any technological appliance, by projecting his consciousness into them. Despite projecting his consciousness into any tech, he can also morph any machinery in his body accordingly like making an armor out of broken titanium. He then became a radioactive cyborg intelligence who depends on Green Kryptonite as his energy source, calling himself Metallo making him an enemy of Superman. The deadly radiation of green kryptonite can kill the man of steel through exposure alone, even if his cybernetic enhancements make him very physically powerful enough to defeat Superman. Metallo had only appearedas a live action character in Smallville, so lets just get him to appear again this time in a movie.


First appeared in Action Comics #242, Brainiac is one DC's most smartest character in the universe having to gain knowledge of every world and every planet he encounters with a machine that drains the knowledge of a world or planet, such as earth and krypton Brainiac is an extraterrestrial android from outer space, Brainiac is a principal foe of Superman, and one of the most dangerous (next to Darkseid and Bizarro) Brainiac is also responsible for shrinking and stealing Kandor, the capital city of Superman and Supergirl's home planet, Krypton, along with other planets and worlds. Brainiac doesn't just shrink and steal worlds for the fun of it but also for knowledge, Brainiac steals planets and worlds so he can learn from them, like learning how they live,what kind of people they are, you know that sort of stuff. Despite having knowledge of other planets and worlds, Brainiac also can mimicry the powers of a kryptonian and possibly other species as well. Braniac should totally join the DCCU and become Superman's villain or the Justice League's villain.


Doomsday (another compulsive evildoer) is an evolved artificial life-form called The Ultimate, The Ultimate was created by an alien scientist, Bertron. After years of dying and coming back to life, in Bertron's experiments of evolution, Doomsday snapped and turned on Bertron, killing him and many other living Kryptonians. Doomsday then had travelled the galaxies and becoming an extraterrestrial serial killer bent on destructing the universe's societies on the way. His murder spree had led him to earth where he meets Superman and failed his mission. Doomsday then fought against Superman to their deaths, after being resurrected they still fight against each other, Doomsday plans on dying because dying makes him stronger, therefore Doomsday is unbeatable because he will be revived again and again after dying.


have we met?
have we met?

Bizarro is a copy of Superman, created by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman and if you notice the logo instead of an S it a Z that looks like the number 2. Making his first appearance in Superboy #68, Bizarro is the exact opposite of Superman, you see everything about Bizarro is backwards, such as:

  • Superman breathes ice,Bizarro breathes fire
  • Superman has heat vision,Bizarro has cold/freeze vision
  • Superman's logo is S,Bizarro's logo is Z

So far that's all I could find when there's more. Bizarro is the perfect imperfect duplicate of Superman, acting as his antagonist or ally depending on the situation.There have since been many Bizarros based on other characters, and they all live on the alternate Bizarro World. The original wears a rock necklace with "#1" written on it to distinguish himself from the other duplicates with identical physiology. There is NO other Superman villain I want to see hit the big screen more than Bizarro.


Which Superman villain do you want to see in the DCCU?


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