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The trailer to one of the most disturbing film is here!!!!

Can your stomach handle it?

I have seen the first two films and there awesome, I will admit that at some points I want to throw up. I can image what Tom Six has cook up for this film.

The Human Centipede First Sequence

The first film is about a retired surgeon name Dr.Heiter who specialised in the separation of conjoined twins, but the he used his good to evil and starts to conjoined people to make his human centipede and keep it as a pet.

This scene is very  disgusting .
This scene is very disgusting .

The Human Centipede Full Sequence

The second film is about a man name Martin, who became obsessed with the first film. Who want to make his very own centipede. The film was film in black and white, which I loved made the film look very dark. Martin want to make a 12 human centipede, not having no medical training made it more fun for us to watch.

Now are you ready for part three? The last film to the most shocking trilogy. I know I'm all we know it takes in prison. This time the centipede will be a 500. Yes you hear right a 500 human centipede, I'm so bumped and ready for it to come out on May 22nd in VOD.

The prison is run by the two psychos from part one and two. I'm super extcied onces I found out. Bring on the madness of Tom Six!!!!!


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