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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

So Fifty shades of F***ing Sh*t top this movie at the box office where 50 shades got everything wrong and there's nothing good about it, but Kingsman got a lot of good things to talk about so at the end of the day Kingsman win.

The story is about a street-wise punk with a set of fast hands (and a faster mouth), finds himself recruited by an underground spy agency. If he can pass their test, he will be one of the new initiated into their ranks - just a threat from a twisted tech genius threatens the world.

Every since the first trailer for this movie came out I already known that this movie was going to be great because Matthew Vaughn directing it and that guy knows how to make a well made film that reminds everyone what good movies are, and that's why these no surprise that this movie was awesome.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a like tribute to good spy films that seem to be serious or not very well made these day, yeah they where cheesy and goof but that's what we remember best from them and this movie was the perfect tribute to that, and a perfect tribute that everybody isn't going to see because everybody is going to see 50 Shades of Rubbish, I just lose faith in humility after that.

Matthew Vaughn to me is a director who knows how to direct good action scenes and knows how to entertain the audience, and with this movie he directed this with style and a enough effort to make a bad-ass film, even when his movies mostly flop at the box office it will have a cult following and Kingsman will have a cult following. Nice work Matthew Vaughn.

Jack Davenport who is a new star and this is his first big role his every been in and my god was he great in this movie. This is my first time I ever seen this guy act and let me tell you this guy has a bright future a head for him.

Now at the first I didn't really thought that Colin Firth kicking ass would work, but after seeing the movie I was wrong..dead wrong. Every time Colin Firth was in a action scenes I bought it because I heard in a article that he did all of his stunts and I got to say he pulled it of brilliantly. His character Harry Hart was the best character in the whole film and every time his on screen he stole the whole film for me.

Samuel L. Jackson has the villain was just spot on brilliant, I mean talking about a villain that was fun and freaking hilarious. But at the first I wasn't very sure about the way he talked in the film, he talked like Adam Snadler from WaterBoy, but after a while I got use to it and it worked for his character. These days I feel that Samuel L. Jackson is just filling it in with his new movies, but in this I actually sawed him playing and caring about his character and he knocked it out of the park.

This movie probably has one of the best action scene I've seen since...I'm not kidding you here but The Matrix, and that's the Church scene. May god way do I even begin with this, the scene itself was fast paste but I still could see what was going on and that action scene was shot beautifully well and it showed what action should be filmed. So watch when you see the film look out for the Church scene it will not disappoint.

Now for problems and I only have some: I got to say that the first couple of minutes of the movie I didn't really get sucked in into the movie that much, but as the movie went along I finally got into it.

Overall Kingsman is a movie that deserves more attraction, skip 50 Shade of Whatever and see this movie, trust me this movie is more well made than 50 shades.


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