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So I'm the regular movie buff teen who loves horrors and cries during rom-coms. My page says it all

The only horrors I have watched a week before seeing this movie was Supernatural , so I was super excited to see The Lazarus Effect. I don't scare easily but this scared me. The idea behind science creating terror like this was genius! It goes to show how scientist seem to screw us over half of the time. Olivia Wilde was amazingly disturbing in the role of Zoe. She and her Fiance Frank along with their research team (Clay and Niko) and new camera girl, Eva try to successfully bring the dead back to life but they are caught out for reviving dead animals and all their research is confiscated. In an attempt to recreate the experiment, Zoe is electrocuted to death. Frank decides to bring her back and she wakes up but clearly not as herself. She is still Zoe but with fifty shades of evil with her. This movie offers good chills and a creepy idea of what hell really could be. This movie apart from being scary and having good acting performances, it has amazing eye candy as well. This movie scored extra points for supplying audiences like me with two really cute guys. Cute guy #1 is Clay which is played by the sweet and cute Evan Peters that you may know from American Horror Story. Cute guy #2 is Niko played by the multi-talented Donald Glover that you may know from Community or you may know him as the amazing rapper, Childish Gambino. Again, this movie screws with you in many ways and it shows how scary the brain could be. A shout out to Blumhouse Productions for creating yet another amazing Horror!


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