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Geez North Korean these no need for violence, it's only a freaking movie. What do you expect from the writer (Seth Rogen) the man who writes dick jokes and other dirty humor in his movies?.

The story is about a celebrity talk show host, along with his hit producer, are ready to move on to more "hard-hitting" interviews when they score the chance of a lifetime when they are picked to interview the reclusive North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. But just before they leave, the CIA approaches them in order to carry out an assassination - the two accept, finding themselves the least-qualified hitmen ever to take a job.

So when Sony got hacked and then cancelled showing the film because their just been treated by North Korean's, that right there pretty much shows how pathetic Sony and the government's of North Korean really is and how easy Sony give up so easily just because they got hate mail from a PSY look a like. When all this was going on... I wanted to see the movie more. I wanted to know what was all the fuss going on. And after seeing the film... it's was okay but nothing worth having a war over, I mean Geez WWIII over a Seth Rogen film.

What worked so well in The Interview is the film parody's on the news today. You know the pointless stories that we hear all the time like pointless and uninteresting stories like Miley Cyrus eating food or Brad Pitt taking his children to school, all that stories always say to myself "Really? that made news ARE YOU KIDDING ME!", this movie makes fun of that and I'm so happy that it did. Just like South Park that makes fun of movies, news and what's popular today, The Interview dose the same.

Seth Rogen and James Franco worked perfectly together in this movie as always. Every time I laugh at a dick joke in a Seth Rogen film it always feels like a guilty pleasure for me, because normally I don't normally laugh at those kind of jokes but Rogen always knows how to get to me. The first act of this film made me laugh me ass off, yeah it was tasteless and wrong but still pretty funny.

The second act is when it fell down hill for me. Luckily the third act picked it up for me and saved the film. Most of the film is Franco hanging around with Kim Jong-Un and that's fine but it was more funny with Seth Rogen then Kim.

Overall The Interview is a enjoyable Comedy and it's a film not to be taken seriously. It may not be the best comedy of the year but it's totally not the worse.


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