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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

I still can't believe that James Gandolfini isn't with us anymore and this is sadly his last movie role we are ever going to see him ever again, but he has left us with a pretty damn good film.

The story is about a dive bar acts as a front for the local mob, funneling money nightly. But even as one man begins to questions his role, his uncle is robbed, setting off a string of events - including caring for an injured pit bull pup - that will ultimately dictate his future.

I was really looking forward to This movie, not because of the passing of James Gandolfini, because the film itself looks pretty good. But the movie wasn't coming out til December and I had to wait for long while.... I always hate that. So now I finally watched it and I can clearly say that this is pretty damn good movie.

Let's start of with the actor that is no longer with James Gandolfini, and do I really need to explain why he was freaking brilliant in this movie, no not really because we all know he gives a great performance in every role that his in if it's movie and TV shows, But he did a such a amazing job in this movie and I'm so happy he ended on a good performance like this. Farewell James Gandolfini you will be missed.

Tom hardy is another actor that I don't really need to go into detail why his a freaking great actor, because this guy has skills and some acting chops. His character in this movie has this boiling rage that he keeps deep inside of him that he really tries to hinds and your waiting for his moment to snap, and Tom Hardy played this role so perfectly that no wonder his my favorite actor of all time. Oh and his Brooklyn accent in this movie was just spot on.

This movie maybe slow to some people but to me this is building up to a finale and well it did, also this movie some of the best character development I've seen in a while.

The cinematography in this movie was so gorgeous and the way the film is shot you know that that bright vibrant color that infect's the screen with it's sweet looking color. The script was well pretty good and so was the directing.

For problems I only have one like: The pasting of this movie can be like a snail at times but has I said it's a build up to something big... you just have to wait a while that's all. Some scenes of this movie could have been edited out, I'm not going to say what needs cutting out because I have to spoil some things but over this is a good film.

The Drop is a film that people should see and not leave it in the dust, like good films today.

Well this is my final review of 2014, don't worry I'm bring much more movie review in all though out January. So from me to you, Happy New Year Everyone and have a good one.


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