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The biggest thing that con-men can't stand is being coned be other con-men, now try to let that sink in.

The story is about a long-time grifter decides to mentor a young, attractive woman, but things get complicated when he the two become romantically involved.

Okay I got to admit I wasn't very interested in Focus when I first heard about it, I just thought it was another mediocre Will Smith film that's trying to be a box office hit, even when the trailer came out I still wasn't interested in it. Until I sawed my favorite YouTube reviewer Chris Stuckmann reviewed the movie and give it a positive rating and shortly after that I sawed this movie hit number one at the box office, and now I was interested and after seeing the movie I can say that the movie was...okay.

Will Smith is the kind of actor that he can be in a good or bad movie and it will be a box office hit, but I think his range of be successful is going side ways for him and I thought Focus was going to be another one of those movies that Will Smith is trying to be a success again, but this time I was wrong because Will Smith was actually pretty good in this movie.

Margot Robbie won me over in The Wolf Of Wall Street. Shes a pretty face actress that actually can acted not like some other actress in Hollywood. Margot Robbie did a excellent in this movie. I'm so looking forward to see her play Harley Quinn, I mean she already wowed me enough.

Smith and Robbie chemistry together in this movie was just perfect. I liked they back and forward with each other and it came off pretty funny and well done.

Now for the things that didn't really work: The second half of the movie I got to say got sloppy and the ending that I won't give away but it ended in a way that I don't pay it, like at all.

Focus is overall a surprising movie for me, because I didn't really expect much for this movie but after seeing it I was surprised that I got more out of it.


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