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Alan Turing: "I like solving problems, Commander. And Enigma is the most difficult problem in the world."

The Imitation Game is about a true life story of the English cryptanalyst, mathematician and logician Alan Turing. During WWII the Turing led a group of code breakers at a top secret facility in Bletchley Park during the darkest days of the war in order to crack the German's Enigma code.

Well it's settled, British films have completely change for the usual stick in the mood, low budget film. Oscar season after Oscar season, British films always make the nominations for Best Picture or Best Actor. Of course this movie got the big nominations and I so glad this got a lot of nominations from the Oscars, because this movie was pretty incredible.

Now we have seen Cumberbatch in pretty much everything now: Sc-Fi, TV shows, animated films, drama, comedy, action and good god this guy is everywhere. Benedict Cumberbatch in this movie almost brought me into tears with his excellent performance as Alan Turning. Benedict is always good at playing these smart-ass genius that's always higher than anyone else, well in this it's a lot different. Yeah he starts off a bit unlikable how he shows off that he's the smart guy in the room, but after a while it changes and I actually felt sorry for this guy when you get to know his past and his secret that he tries to hind for all of his life. Benedict Cumberbatch played this guy so beautifully well that I think this is by far his best performances in his career.

Keira Knightley has well dose a brilliant job playing her character in this film. Now I'm going to get some hate for this but I never liked Keira Knightley has a actress. She never locked on to me and she never won me over. I don't think She's a awful actress or anything like that I just never got into her as a actress, but in this film she dose do good as a supporting character that's really important to the story. Good work Knightley.

The film is directed spot on and this is the first Morten Tyldum film that I've watched from him, yeah he did some other films in the past but I never going to watch them (Just being honest) He got the drama right, he got the relationship between Benedict and Knightley right and I think this director is going to go off and do some (I'm predicting here) some fantastic work of movies in the future.

The writing has well is the soul of this movie. The director is the heart of the film, the actors are the veins of this movie. The writing to me perfectly got the main character pain and deep inside torture of he his secret of being gay and you know back then he would be sent to prison for that, so you really feel the hard work on not just solving the Enigma code but to hind who he truly is.

For issues I haven't really got much to be honest. But is this a film that I will watch again and again, no not really. You may watch this loads of times more than me but to me this isn't a re-watchable film to me.

But Overall The Imitation Game is brilliantly well done film with fantastic performances and a good story.


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