ByMatthew Luke Brady, writer at
Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

Baymax has to be the most adorable and coolest Disney character I've seen in a while.

The story is about San Fransokyo being under attack - but robotics expert Hiro Hamada, with his robot Baymax, will team up with some reluctant, novice crime fighters in order to save the city.

Just like every year Disney always brings out films that are mostly good or adorable, and a long comes Big Hero 6 and this movie is on the level of adorable, but not that close to brilliant.

The animation in this movie was so colorful and so gorgeous to look at that my eyes couldn't get enough of it. The character's were funny and pretty awesome, even Baymax which has to be the most adorable and the most lovable character I've seen on the big screen. The action scenes were really well shot and enjoyable to watch.

The ending to this movie dragged a little bit for me. If they ended the movie about a couple minutes ago I could have given it a bigger rating, but the ending kept going and felt like it went on and on.

Big Hero 6 is a entertaining movie with beautiful animation and a solid story line.


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