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Lou Bloom: "Steady hands, steady hands".

The story is about a young man, desperate for work, stumbles upon the seedy underworld of L.A.'s crime journalism. The break-neck pace is all about being the first on the scene - murder, accidents, fires, mayhem - and selling the gratuitous footage to the local news stations. But the better he gets, the more likely he is going to become the next story.

I heard so many great things about Nightcrawler. The critics said the same like, "It's a flawless peace of entertainment" or "One of the best movie of the year".- So I was looking forward to the movie by hearing all the good buzz from it, and after seeing it I can say that this movie is flawless.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives one of his best performance he ever did in his career. He lost a lot of weight for this role and I can say it pays off so well. I love how he makes his character so creepy, but so interesting to watch on screen. I swear to god if he doesn't get a Oscar nomination for his performance in this movie, I will be angry and disappointed at the Oscars, because when I watch a movie and don't see the actor, just the character that right they is talent.

The director of this movie (Dan Gilroy) and he was only a screenwriter for most of his career and this movie is his first time directing and my god his he brilliant. Dan Gilroy but a lot of effort in this movie and I heard that the director of the movie actually met some people who do these things that people call "Nightcrawling", and to me that shows that this guy should make more films in future, because he's the kind of director that movie need.

The writing in this movie is some of the best writing I've seen since Boyhood, I mean every sentence in this movie glues me in it's story and character's. The move itself has that dark, uneasy and hash look to it, but that's life. The shots were good, the other cast member's were great as well.

But as I said in my Interstellar and The Guest review, the movie isn't going to get the perfect rating of five out of five star's, but the movie is still brilliant.


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