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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

Horrible Bosses more like Horrible Movie.

The story is about are three main morons Dale, Kurt and Nick decide to become their own bosses - and start up their own business. But when a slick investor torpedoes their plans and crushes their dreams, they know the only way to get what they deserve is to hatch an ingenious (misguided) kidnapping plot.

To people who don't know I actually liked the first film, it's not anything amazing or awesome, it's just a decent comedy with many laughs. Then I heard there where going to make a squeal and I think it's about last year I think, but anywhere I was a bit interested of what they can do next and how they going to top the first one, but I really wasn't expecting anything this horrible and disappointing as this movie, because Horrible Bosses 2 is one of the most underwhelming comedy's of this year.

I chuckled about 2 times during the film and that's, the movie isn't all that funny and I don't get why people find this funny and yes I know people like different kind of comedy's but this one isn't.

The writing isn't smart, the character's are stupid and forgettable and it was depressing experience that I every had during a movie that supposed to make you laugh, not to put you into silence.

On light side of things is there anything good in this movie and I can say yes. Kevin Spacey isn't in the movie for long but when he came on it was entertaining. Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine I thought was great villains and the movies dose have some chuckle worthy moments.

Horrible Bosses 2 is one of those movies that for some strange reason everybody supports and I'm just here saying "Why?".


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